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LA Times: Al-Sisi's repression won't restore stability in Egypt

The Los Angeles Times's editorial board said Sunday that the election of Egypt's coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to presidency will not bring about stability nor prosperity for the country due to Al-Sisi's repressive politics. Accordingly, the editorial urged the US government to use its leverage with Egypt to pressure Al-Sisi to engage with opponents.

Moreover, the newspaper pointed out that Al-Sisi would be "deluding himself" if he thought that he could wield absolute power the same way as his authoritarian predecessors. This is because the Arab Spring has "released a desire for political reform that can't be permanently stifled."

The editorial board opined that the latest counter-terrorism laws ratified by the coup regime "won't make Egypt more secure in the long run if the government relentlessly punishes and isolates its critics."

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