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More than 3,200 Egyptians killed since coup

Some 3,248 people have been killed in Egypt over the seven months following the military coup against President-elect Mohamed Morsi in July last year, a new report has claimed.

Released by the Wiki Thawra site, an Egyptian statistics database for the Egyptian revolution, the report said the victims fell during clashes with security forces or the army or during security crackdowns on demonstrations, civil clashes over sectarian grounds, assassinations, extrajudicial killings, due to violence in the place of detention or as a result of terrorist acts.

According to the report, the victims included supporters or opponents of a certain faction, local residents and passers- by, policemen and soldiers, journalists, doctors and field paramedics.

It noted that 2,588 victims were killed in political events, 41 were killed during sectarian clashes, three during social protests, 80 in places of detention, 28 as a result of excessive use of force, 281 in acts of terrorism, 122 during security raids and 105 died of neglect.

According to the report, the victims included 2,927 civilians, 226 policemen, 95 soldiers, 11 journalists, 164 minors, 72 women and 299 students.

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