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Palestinian-Israeli Security Coordination continues despite stalled talks

An Israeli official said on Sunday that the security coordination between the Palestinian Authority security services and the Israeli army and security services did not change despite the stalled talks between Israel and the Palestinians; Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported.

The official warned of a near collapse of the peace process as a whole saying “the recent negotiations deal is no longer on the Israeli agenda. Israel is preparing to resume its activities that preceded the negotiations eight months ago”.

The paper quoted another official as saying that “the American attitude towards the peace process is clearly fading especially as US Secretary of State John Kerry does not show the same enthusiasm he showed before”.

Meanwhile an Israeli official said the negotiations are in a bad situation, yet he did not lose hope and wants to give another chance to Israel’s chief negotiator Tzipi Livni to try save them. The official said “we must wait for a few days despite the negative atmosphere, but I would not rush into talking about a complete breakdown of talks. There are quite a lot of attempts to save them from such a fate”.

Israeli sources said that Israel does not intend to take serious steps against the Palestinian economy as a punishment for the Palestinian request to join 15 UN treaties because a stable economic situation in the Palestinian Authority areas serves Israel’s interests.

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