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Qatari Emir reaffirms his support for Palestinians in Gaza

Qatari Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani has reaffirmed his country's support for Palestinians in Gaza, the Palestinian government in the strip said on Sunday.

In a statement, the Palestinian government said Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh phoned the Emir and hailed his continued support for Palestinians and the Palestinian cause. Haniyeh said that during the conversation the Emir reiterated his support to Gaza and its residents.

The Emir said that his country's support for Gaza is a "principle which is not changeable".

According to the statement, the Emir stressed that the Palestinian cause is "central" to his country and reassured him that Qatar would remain a supporter of Gaza.

"Steady stances of Qatar towards the Palestinian cause and the support of Gaza will not change," the Emir told Haniyeh. He also told him that the region is experiencing a state of "ordeal and hardness".

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