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Qatar's first lady refutes Egyptian politician claims over discussion on Muslim Brotherhood

The details released about the meeting held between Qatar's first lady Sheikha Mozah Al-Missned and the head of Egypt's Ibn Khaldun Centre for Development Studies Saad Eddin Ibrahim are unfounded, the Sheikha's office said.

When asked about Ibrahim's statement, in which he claimed he visited Doha and met with the Sheikha at the request of her office, the Sheikha's office manager Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Kubaisi told the Qatar News Agency the remark was "untrue".

Al-Kubaisi said: "The topics that were talked about in the media had not been addressed during the meeting.

"It is surprising that such false statements come from the head of Ibn Khaldun Centre for Development Studies especially since the meeting was arranged at his request and without prior invitation from Sheikha Mozah," Al-Kubaisi said.

Ibrahim told several Arab and Egyptian satellite channels that he visited Doha at the invitation of Sheikha Mozah who assured him during their meeting that she supports the protests of June 30, 2013, which ousted President Mohamed Morsi and considers them a popular revolution.

According to Ibrahim, the Sheikha told him that the Muslim Brotherhood runs Al-Jazeera which the military backed government in Egypt accuses of promoting lies about Egypt.

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