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Students continue protests in Egypt, Anti-Coup Alliance calls for escalation

Egyptian university and school students continued their anti-coup protests yesterday, while the Anti-Coup Alliance called for the continuation of “revolutionary escalation” in protest against the ongoing repression of pro-democracy activists, particularly women and students. It also called for a “revolutionary day” on Wednesday when protests are scheduled to march towards major squares, including Tahrir, Rabia Al-Adaweya, and al-Nahda.

In Cairo, the “Students against the Coup” movement held a demonstration at Ain Shams University condemning the military coup and calling for the release of detained students.

In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, citizens formed a seven-kilometre-long “human chain” along the coastal road calling for the release of their town’s detainees while carrying their pictures.

In Damietta, anti-coup protesters organised a human chain at 7am Monday, chanting against the military coup, arbitrary arrests, and massacres committed by security forces against opponents.

In Beni Suef, Nahda University students organised a partial strike starting from 9am, in protest against the expulsion of seven students due to their participation in anti-coup activities.

In Minya governorate, School of Engineering students organised a march that denounced the 529 death sentences handed down by the Minya court on Monday against anti-coup protesters.

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