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Syrian regime continues attacks on residential areas

Syrian regime forces yesterday attacked several areas in Damascus, Homs, Daraa, Hama, Edlib and Aleppo; approximately 75 rebel fighters and Syrian soldiers were killed in clashes around Aleppo.

Meanwhile, clashes around the Kasab Crossing, the last Syrian-Turkish crossing under Syrian regime control, continued after it was taken over by rebels. The head of Syrian National Defence services Hilal Al-Assad was reportedly killed in the shootouts with rebels around the crossing.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Al-Nusra fighters, supported by other rebels, controlled the Kasab Crossing and clashes continued around it. Syrian regime forces called out for more military forces to try to regain the crossing.

Sources said Syrian warplanes attacked several residential areas in the outskirts of Damascus. The Shaam News Network said 65 areas was targeted by mortar shells, the area of Ein Tarma in Damascus countryside was targeted by artillery shells, while the Joober area and the Yarmouk refugee camp were attacked by heavy shootings.

The Shaam News Network also said Syrian helicopters threw explosive barrels at several residential neighbourhoods in Aleppo. The network reported that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) liberated Al-Jaz markets and a number of halls in the city.

FSA undermined an intended invasion by regime forces as they approached Aleppo from the gate of Al-Difaa Factories. Fierce clashes between the Syrian regime forces and the FSA erupted in Kafr Hamra.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported around 50 opposition fighters and 26 regime soldiers were killed in the fierce battles in Aleppo. Chief of Republican Guards in Aleppo Sami Abbas was among the dead.

The rebel’s news networks reported fierce shootouts between rebels and regime forces, supported by militias from Iraq and Hezbollah, in residential areas in Hama, Daraa and Edlib. Syrian regime helicopters threw explosive barrels in these areas.

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