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US forces seize oil tanker full of Libyan oil

The US Department of Defence said its units intercepted the North Korean flagged Morning Glory oil tanker which carried crude oil from rebel ports in Libya through international waters south of Cyprus.

CNN reported Pentagon spokesperson General John Kirby saying US naval forces have intercepted the oil tanker which fell under control of three Libyan rebels at the beginning of this month upon the request of Libyan and Cypriot authorities.

Kirby pointed out that US President Barack Obama approved the operation which took place in international waters; south-east of Cyprus by special Marine forces who operate under the Special Operations Command in Europe.

Kirby said the naval forces moved from the USS Roosevelt accompanied by aerial support.

According to Kirby; the US naval forces boarded the oil tanker which was carrying a cargo of illegal oil owned by the Libyan government from the Libyan port of Sidra and directed the ship to a Libyan port.

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