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Egypt: Families of Mubarak, Sadat and Nasser endorse Sisi for president

Families of three former Egyptian presidents have announced their endorsement of Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi for presidency.

Family of Gamal Abdel-Nasser, who ruled Egypt between 1956 and 1970, announced its support for Sisi at a meeting attended by Nasser’s son Abdelhakeem, who joined socialist and Nasserist leaders on April 27 to announce their support.

“My family supports Sisi because he is the type of man for this phase, and because he enjoys a number of characteristics that qualify him, since he hails from the Egyptian army, the backbone of the Egyptian state, as well as his vast popularity among Egyptians,” Abdelhakeem Nasser told reporters after the meeting.

Regarding Sisi’s main rival Hamdeen Sabbahi, a self-proclaimed Nasserist, Abdelhakeem said: “Despite Sabbahi’s Nasserist background, this phase requires a military leader who would be able to lead the ship of the nation.”

On Wednesday, family of former president Anwar Al-Sadat, who ruled Egypt between 1970 and 1981, announced its support for Sisi at a reception held by Sisi for Sadat’s widow Jihan Al-Sadat and her son Gamal.

“Egyptian and Arab people respects the personality of Field Marshal Sisi and appreciate his role in serving his nation throughout the past phase. He is an honest and transparent man, and he rescued the nation from falling,” the former first lady said.

Similarly, Hosni Mubarak has been quoted by Al-Masry Alyoum newspaper as saying that Sisi is “the most qualified to lead Egypt at this point.”

Egyptian presidential elections are scheduled for May 26-27, 2014, whereas expatriate Egyptians will cast their votes on 15-18th of May. Only Sisi and Sabbahi will face off in the upcoming elections.