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Egypt: pro-military anchor turns against Nabil Fahmi

Owner of the pro-military Faraeen satellite channel lashed out at the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmi over his controversial remarks to NPR in which he described the relation between Egypt and the US as "a marriage, not a fling."

Tawfik Okasha, known for his close link with the Mubarak regime and intelligence agencies, accused Fahmi of being "a Zionist, who conspires on Egypt; an absconder from military service who was schooled on the pillow of mama America."

Okasha maintained that Fahmi is: "a Zionist and an outsider in Egypt and in Islam, just like the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood."

"I swear by Allah the Great, you will not stay as Egypt's foreign minister, and the ministry will be purged by the people and their patriotic agencies."


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