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Chief Editor of Al-Ahram says: Al-Sisi met us after Mubarak's fall to unite against Brotherhood

Clip posted on Youtube on May 8, 2014

The following is a translation of comments made by the Chief Editor of Al-Ahram newspaper in an interview on Al-Tahrir TV about the meeting Al-Sisi had with some Egyptian newspaper editors. In the same interview, Adel Hussain, the chief editor of Al-Shorouq newspaper appeared to agree with what Al-Ahram‘s editor was saying, particularly because both knew about a meeting Al-Sisi had with leaders of secular political parties and youth groups after Mubarak stepped down to encourage them to work together against the Muslim Brotherhood and to offer the full support and assistance of the army.

The following is the translated text:

The army has its methods and can of course use them within a legitimate framework. There was talk that this did take place. In fact, the army supports civil forces. Perhaps His Excellency the Field Marshal told a story today for the first time [during his meeting with the chief editors]. This is the first time this information is divulged by an official, though both of us knew before [him and Al-Shorouq‘s chief editor]. After Mubarak stepped down he [Al-Sisi] gathered the leaders of civil political parties and youth from Tahrir Square and talked to them and told them where the country was going. [He said] “The Muslim Brotherhood is an organised group and the country is heading in the direction of a terrible disaster. You should work. We shall not [obstruct] you. Things changed after January 25 and the army believes this to be so. You have a role to play. We want to provide you with assistance in order to rescue the country.” Yet, they all let him down. Perhaps, and Al-Sisi explained this, at the time confidence in the armed forces was lacking; between the army and the youth.

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