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Libya approves prisoner exchange deal with Jordan

The Libyan government yesterday approved a prisoner exchange deal with Jordan three weeks after Jordan’s ambassador to the country Fawaz Al-Aytan was abducted by gunmen demanding the release of a Libyan Islamist detained in Jordan.

The Libyan government’s official site stated that “the Libyan interim Justice Ministry has adopted a signed memorandum of understanding for cooperation with the Jordanian Justice Ministry to exchange prisoners sentenced to life.” However, the government did not provide further details about the agreement, which may be linked to Jordan’s kidnapped envoy.

No Libyan side has officially claimed responsibility for Al-Aytan’s abduction, but Libyan sources believe his captors are demanding the release of the Libyan Islamist Mohammed Saeed Al-Darsi who has been detained in Jordan for seven years over his alleged involvement in planning an attack on Amman’s main airport.

The Libyan government said it had made indirect contact with the kidnappers but gave no details.

Meanwhile, the Tunisia government announced that a Tunisian employee and a diplomat were kidnapped from the Tunisian Embassy in Tripoli on March 21 and April 17.

Tunisia said the kidnappers are demanding the release of Libyan prisoners detained in Tunisia on charges of terrorism.

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