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Sheikh Raed Salah - A summary of the tribunal hearings


Sheikh Raed Salah came to Britain at the invitation of the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) last June for a 10 day speaking tour. He was invited to address parliamentarians, journalists and the public to talk about Jerusalem, the Arab Spring, Palestine and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Three days into his visit he was arrested by officials from the UK Border Agency.

The UKBA claimed that Sheikh Raed had entered the UK despite a banning order issued by Home Secretary Theresa May. Such an order had not been issued to Sheikh Raed; neither the Sheikh, nor his hosts nor representatives were made aware of it. In response Sheikh Raed began legal proceedings to clear his name.


On 5th April 2012, Mr Justice Ockelton delivered his decision on Sheikh Raed Salah’s appeal against the deportation order and ruled that it succeeded on all grounds. Mr Ockelton went further and said that the “Secretary of State acted under a misapprehension as to the facts [of the case]”. Having won his legal battle Sheikh Raed returned to Israel on 16th April 2012; at no point did he want to stay in Britain.


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