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Al-Sisi: It's up to Egypt to decide whether to amend the peace treaty with Israel

May 13, 2014 at 10:55 am

In the second part of his campaign interview with the Dubai-based Sky News Arabia, Egyptian presidential hopeful and ex-army chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi responded to answer regarding his foreign policy vision.

Concerning Egyptian-Israeli relations, Sisi said that peace between the two countries is “stable”, but that the issue of whether or not to amend the peace treaty is up to Egypt to decide.

“We will do what we want. Our troops are there. If the treaty requires amendment, I don’t think they [the Israelis] would object to that because they now realize they are dealing with a state and an army.”

“The army is not against anyone; but it is against anything that affects Egyptian national security and Arab national security.”

Regarding the Palestinian issue, Sisi said he seeks a solution “that would satisfy the Palestinians and reassure them about their future… the future of their children in a stable nation, with a capital that is Jerusalem.”

Concerning Syria, Sisi said that there has to be a “peaceful solution that would not compromise Syrian [territorial] integrity.”

Regarding Iran, Sisi said there will not be any problems between the two countries except if Gulf security is “touched.”