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Egyptians in exile protest against presidential elections

Anti-coup Egyptians took to the streets in four European countries on Friday to protest against the presidential elections, Anadolu News Agency and witnesses have said.

The protests are part of an activity called for by the International Coalition for Egyptians living in exile, to reject the presidential elections.

In Turkey protestors gathered in front of the Egyptian embassy in Istanbul, raised the Rabia sign and pictures of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Whilst in Germany, pro-Morsi protesters took to the streets to announce their objection to the ongoing elections. They announced their boycott of the elections.

Anti-coup Egyptians in France gathered in front of the Egyptian embassy in Paris. They raised the Rabia slogan and expressed their opposition to Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi’s nomination for presidency.

In Sarajevo they took to the streets and raised posters reading, “boycott the elections … the elections are invalid.” They also raised the Rabia sign and pictures of Morsi.

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