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Jordan intends to import Israel's natural gas

The Jordanian government is negotiating with Israel to import its natural gas to substitute the Egyptian gas for the same price; Jordan Al-Ghad newspaper said on Monday quoting an unnamed government official.

The source said the price the Jordanian government is negotiating with the Israeli side is $4.5 per million BTUs.

The source pointed out that the “talks between the parties also discussed exporting gas to Egypt via Israel through the Arab gas pipeline to help Egypt fulfil its dire need of gas”.

The source also noted that Egypt suffers a shortage of gas, especially after the January revolution when the exploration and extraction of new quantities of natural gas had stopped.

In 2012 Egypt cancelled an agreement signed in 2005 to provide Israel with nearly 1.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually for 20 years at a price ranging between 70 cents to 1.5 USD per million BTUs.

The Arab Potash Company and Jordan Bromine Company signed an agreement with the U.S. Noble Energy, last February, to import two billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Tamar field, off the coast of Israel for a period of 15 years and at a value of $771 million.

Please note that this item was significantly amended at 12.15 GMT on May 20, 2014. Due to a translation error, the original text indicated that Jordan was discussing supplying gas to Israel, which is contrary to the fact. We apologise to our readers for this major error.

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