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UN chief condemns Aleppo water cut

May 19, 2014 at 11:35 am

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the water cut to the Syrian city of Aleppo and called on “all parties to ensure the return of water supplies on a permanent basis”.

The Secretary-General called on all countries which have direct influence on the fighting parties in Aleppo not to compromise fundamental human rights, including the right to have access to water.

The UN chief said the water cut for eight days deprives at least 2.5 million people of access to potable water.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the Nusra Front has shut down Aleppo’s main water pumping station last week, but the water supply gradually returned a few days ago to some parts of the city.

Aleppo’s Eyewitness network said that the cost of a water tank of 1000 liters capacity is approximately five thousand Syrian pounds, (the equivalent of 33.51 USD). The network said some groups have been collecting water from the Queiq River to sell it at extortionate prices, despite the water being unsafe for human consumption.

The continuous water cut in Aleppo is predicated to cause major bread shortage as the lack of water will prevent bakeries from bread making, also the drop in prices of both vegetable and meat has been noted, as people are not able to cook and wash dishes so they are not buying both.