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British MP: Egypt cannot be ruled without the Muslim Brotherhood

British parliamentarian George Galloway said that although the Muslim Brotherhood committed mistakes, it should not be excluded from the political arena in Egypt.

In an interview with the Austrian daily Der Standard published Monday, Galloway said: “it is not possible to rule Egypt without the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is not possible for the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt alone.”

The solution, Galloway said, is for Egyptians to have a national dialogue in which all parties are represented, including the Muslim Brotherhood, within the context of a “pluralistic and democratic” system.

He considered the overthrow of Morsi’s government after one year in office as “a big mistake”.

Galloway considered the post-coup regime as “much worse” than the Mubarak regime, which in his opinion allowed a small margin of freedoms.

He expected the coming phase to witness more repression.

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