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Egypt: President's pay raise said to be tailored for Al-Sisi

Legal experts considered the recent presidential decree to raise the president’s monthly salary from EGP 2000 ($280) to EGP 42,000 ($5,900) as a return to “tailored laws” since it is widely believed to be designed for the most likely winner in the presidential race, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

Professor of Law Dr Ahmed Kamal said that the decree is a prelude to Al-Sisi’s election as president of Egypt.

In an interview with Rassd, he pointed out that all laws promulgated by the post-coup regime should be put to a vote at the upcoming parliament in order to be enforced.

Dr Tariq Khedr, chairman of the constitutional law department at the Police Academy and former governor of Damietta, said that the new constitution forbids the president to amend his salary during his tenure, which explains why the interim president issued the decree before Al-Sisi’s election.

Judge Emad Abu Hashem chairman of the Appeals Prosecution in Mansoura, said that in Egypt now everything is possible: “we are in a stateless, lawless country. All rights are desecrated. There is no justice, no judiciary.”

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