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Muslim Brotherhood's Badie: the real terrorists are those who killed worshippers and burned the wounded to death

The supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie said in a speech before the court Sunday that “the real terrorists are those who killed worshippers and burned the wounded [protesters] to death.”

Badie was referring to the Rabaa massacre where police and army troops violently broke up the Rabaa sit-in last August 14, storming the mosque and its hospital, killing and setting fire to the place while hundreds of wounded protesters were awaiting emergency treatment. Most of the wounded on that day were burned to death, according to verified reports.

In his first court speech, allowed in Egyptian law to defend oneself, Badie reiterated: “The Muslim Brotherhood has not, and will not resort to violence and terrorism, and will continue to demand freedom for the Egyptian people.”

Sunday’s hearing came as part of a lawsuit dubbed as “the blocking of Qalyoub road” in which Badie and 47 others face charges of blocking a road northern Cairo.

Badie called on Egyptian Judiciary not to be involved in the current political conflict.

Another Muslim Brotherhood official facing trial, Mohamed al-Beltagy, delivered a speech in which he accused the Egyptian regime of having “personal motives” behind the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that although he spent his entire life as an academic and a Politian, but all of a sudden turned into a “mafia leader” in the eyes of the junta regime.

“History will reveal the truth soon and everyone will be held accountable,” al-Beltagy told the court.

The final session of the trial is scheduled for June 7.

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