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Interim government: the Libyan people represent the only legitimacy

The interim Libyan government, led by Abdullah Al-Thunni, said in a statement on Saturday that "the Libyan people represent the only legitimacy in the country, and only addresses those who listen to its voice and respect its will."

The government hailed "the Libyan people's insistence to build a state of law and institutions", and to fulfill the goals of the 2011 revolution. It also saluted those who took part in Friday's nationwide demonstrations "supporting the army and police, condemning terrorism, and calling for rule of law and respecting the judiciary." The interim government vowed to serve the Libyan people irrespective of the challenges ahead.

President of the caretaker government Abdullah Al-Thunni stressed in an interview with Libya Lekol Al-Ahrar channel that his government would continue assuming its responsibilities until the Higher Court reaches a decision regarding the validity of appointing Ahmed Meetek by the National Congress.

At the beginning of May, Meetek has been chosen as prime minister in a parliamentary session marred by chaos. A number of MPs contested the legitimacy of his appointment, arguing that he had been chosen by force and that the session had been adjourned after he received only 113 votes, less than the 120 minimum votes required to select a prime minister. Meetek's cabinet, however, has been sworn in before the chairman of the National Congress Nouri Abu Sahmeen last week.

Vice president of the Libyan parliament Ezzeddin Al-Awami urged the chairman of the caretaker government Abdullah Al-Thunni to continue carrying out his job after the ministry of justice disproved the validity of Meetek's appointment.


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