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Netanyahu lost for words over peace

June 2, 2014 at 10:03 am

I find it rather strange that while Israeli leaders accuse Hamas of refusing to acknowledge the right of the Zionist State to exist they themselves are incapable of using the P word.

If you ever listen to the utterances of bile-filled prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the man is incapable of saying “Palestine” or “Palestinians”.

And the state’s apparatchiks are just as bad. One can only draw the conclusion there is an unspoken state policy forbidding the use of the P-words lest they inadvertently acknowledge the existence of Palestine.

It’s yet another case of double standards from this little state squatting on stolen land in the Middle East.

There’s another P-word that Netanyahu can’t bear to use either … unless it is in conjunction with the word “off” as in “Peace Off.”

The very notion of peace, wherever it emerges, appears to infuriate him and the very fact political rivals Fatah and Hamas have worked hard to set aside their differences for the sake of peace has left him incandescent with rage.

Now he is calling on the international community not to recognise a Palestinian government made up of the both Fatah and Hamas. Why? There is no rational explanation other than he despises the very thought of the opposing sides coming together in the spirit of peace and unity.

In a statement issued ahead of the announcement of the full Palestinian cabinet, Netanyahu again branded Hamas a terrorist organisation and said the new government would strengthen terror not peace.

The belligerent Zionist leader even turned to Twitter to vent his spleen when he proclaimed the unity government rested “on Hamas”, which “was calling for the destruction of Israel”. He urged the international community should not embrace it.

In an attempt to spoil the outbreak of peace he threatened the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that Israel would cut all ties with the Palestinian Authority (PA) once the new unity government was decided.

In a fit of trademark spite, Netanyahu will no doubt order the withholding of tax revenue from the PA, a move last made in 2012 in response to a Palestinian UN statehood bid and which precipitated an economic crisis that led to riots in the West Bank.

An example of this petty display of venom manifested itself over the weekend when travel for three Palestinian politicians wanting to leave Gaza for the West Bank before their swearing-in as ministers in the unity government, was blocked.

It remains to be seen if the US will still give £260m in aid to the West Bank and Gaza whereas the European Union has made more positive encouragement by welcoming the outbreak of peace between Fatah and Hamas which will eventually lead to democratic elections.

Whatever the outcome of those elections let’s hope the rest of the world respects the peoples’ choice this time. The Palestinians have been punished for choosing Hamas in the last democratic elections.

Perhaps Netanyahu needs a period of self-reflection and solitary analysis punctuated by visits from a voice coach so he can learn to articulate the words “Peace” and “Palestine” without choking on his own bile-filled spittle.


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