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Egypt's new Pharaoh

Since July 3 last year, i.e. since the brutal coup was staged in Egypt, the chorus of corrupt journalists who were walking in Mubarak and his two sons’ procession carrying incense burners and playing horns have been trying to create a new Pharaoh to succeed their former Pharaoh. They appeared on every television screen and in every newspaper to promote and celebrate the new Pharaoh Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, the saviour, champion and knight that will save the country.

They created an image of this man which portrays him as a superhero and presented it to the world to deceive them into thinking that he was sent by some divine messenger sent to the people. The media became full of Pharaoh’s magicians who appear in recorded television interviews, shuddering with fear and swallowing their tongues, which regularly insulted President-elect Dr Mohamed Morsi under the pretext of the freedom of opinion, expression and press. However, these freedoms no longer exist in Egypt under Al-Sisi’s rule, a man who only understands the language of murder, which he converses in with his opposition. These magicians have also promoted his opposition as traitors and enemies of the state and therefore can be killed with no consequences.

This is how the corrupt journalists became judges of patriotism and only deem those supporting the new Pharaoh as patriotic and stripped the opposition of patriotism. They are similar to the indulgences that pardoned sins popular in Europe during the Middle Ages when the church was in power. Creating a new Pharaoh also required the involvement of crooked clerics disguised under the guise of holiness, who are widespread in Egypt in this day and age.

The Sultan’s clerics are all rushing to compliment the Pharaoh, as some said he was a prophet like Moses, others said his steps were blessed by God, etc. However, these are all false meaningless stories that pollute the people’s ears day and night and are used to play on the emotions of the ordinary and simple people who believe everything broadcast on television after being brainwashed by the magicians and put in a permanent trance.

They were successful in creating a new Egyptian Pharaoh and surrounding him with a halo and a wall that separated him from the people, but will this new Pharaoh be able to eliminate his opposition who grow in number day-by-day and stabilise his rule, especially after calling on the people during his latest interview to give him a new mandate to combat and eliminate terrorism. The man has bared his teeth and has shown that he intends to devour Egypt with all its wealth and people.

May God protect Egypt from the fools who have forcibly raided it and want to forcibly rule the country by means of a farcical play, the first act of which began recently with the Egyptian elections. May the curtain fall on the greatest deception committed against the Egyptian people by Al-Sisi and his aides.

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