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Salman Al-Ouda's books withdrawn from Saudi bookstores

Activists on social networking sites confirmed that all of Islamist preacher Salman Ouda's books have been pulled from bookshops in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi tweeps published an image of shelves in Jarir Bookstore from where Ouda's books had been removed.

Many activists expressed their disappointment at the news, by using the hashtag Salman Ouda Books Pulled on Twitter.

The Sheikh himself was the first to use the hashtag writing: "Praise be to the Lord, every time you took a blessing you gave me one even better, acceptance and feeling near to you and your mercy."

Abdel Aziz Alkhanin tweeted: "It's good they ban them, for banning is the strongest promotion for it, everyone will search for it, even those who don't know how to read and people will share it online."

Whilst Jamil Fares wrote: "If a man read them and benefited from them and it becomes entrenched in his mind, will they pull it by preforming brain surgery? When will they learn that thought is confronted with thought and not banned?"

Another user tweeted: "If the reports are true, then it's the greatest free advertising. He never would have dreamed of this."

Amr Abdel Aziz said: "The only one who lost here is the publishing house, the Sheikh took his rights and his books are available online, may God guide you all!"

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