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After second death sentence, Badie vows to continue resisting the military coup

The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie said after his court hearing on Saturday that the Egyptian people will continue resisting the coup until their last breath.

Badie, along with nine other senior MB members, have been sentenced to death on Saturday in the latest of a series of internationally-condemned mass death sentences handed down against opponents of the July 3 military coup.

“We do not fear the death sentences… and we will resist the putschists until our last breath,” Badie said, accusing the court of issuing a “null and politicized verdict.”

Furthermore, Badie accused the judges of subservience to military rulers.

“I call on the Egyptian people to continue their struggle for freedom and to bring down the military coup which stole our revolution,” Badie said in a speech following Saturday’s session.

Badie ended his speech chanting: “Down with military rule!”

Saturday’s death sentence is the second Badie receives in less than two months. On April 28, a Menya court in Upper Egypt sentences Badie and 682 others to death on charges of rioting and violence. Lawyers who protested against the lack of due process have been referred to disciplinary boards.


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