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Arab League condemns ISIS and calls for the formation of national unity government in Iraq

The Arab League yesterday condemned all terrorist acts carried out by the organisation of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Iraq.

It said ISIS had committed crimes and abuses against the Iraqi civilians and condemned all practices of terrorism that threaten Iraq’s territorial integrity and community harmony.

During a meeting of its permanent delegates held at the General Secretariat headquarters, the League called to achieve harmony and national reconciliation among all the Iraqi forces and political actors, through engaging in serious dialogue to achieve a comprehensive national consensus to overcome the current crisis and face the serious threats against Iraq’s security stability and territorial integrity by forming national consensus government.

The League reiterated its commitment to respecting Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, political stability, national unity and rejecting any interference in its internal affairs.

In discussions about Lebanon, the League stressed the need to implement the resolutions of the Kuwait Summit which called on members to contribute to securing the Lebanese army’s financial needs in accordance with the existing international initiatives and within the framework of the Arab support’s policy to provide it with the necessary weapons, technical equipment and logistics in accordance with the national legislation of each country.

The League welcomed the exceptional assistance provided by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, worth $3 billion, and called on all member states to contribute effectively to enhance the capabilities of the Lebanese army and security forces to carry out their national tasks.

The League also praised the role carried out by the Lebanese army and security forces to defend Lebanon and maintain its security, stability and civil peace, with an emphasis on the need to increase Arab and international efforts to support the work of the International Ministerial Conference in Rome, scheduled for next Tuesday to enable the Lebanese army and enhance its capabilities.

During the meeting, the Lebanese delegation presented a detailed report about the Lebanese army’s urgent needs to control the borders and maintain Lebanon’s internal stability, public order and the fight against terrorism.


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