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Tunisia condemns Israel's kidnapping of Palestinian MPs

June 18, 2014 at 10:02 am

A senior aide to the Tunisian president yesterday condemned the harsh Israeli campaign against Palestinians, including the kidnapping of more than 20 members of parliament over the last few days.

Anwar Al-Gharbi said the Israeli operations against Palestinians, including assassinations and political arrests targeting partisan activists and MPs amount to dangerous violations of the international law.

“Kidnapping of MPs is out of the context of international law,” he said, “and it is not acceptable to remain silent regarding it.”

He reiterated that Tunis would not give up supporting the Palestinians and their cause and it would remain a prime supporter, forever.

“The regional incidents drew attention away from the Palestinian cause,” Al-Gharbi said, “but it [the Palestinian cause] remains present in the mind of the people who are seeking freedom.”

Al-Gharbi called for the Arab leaders to adopt the demands of the people which are the liberation of Palestine from the Israeli occupation. “The call for the liberation of Palestine was the first slogan chanted by the Tunisian rebels,” he said.