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Anti-coup protests continue in Egypt

Dozens of anti-coup protests were held across Egypt on Friday to voice opposition to the continuation of the military coup and the repression that followed the July 3 ouster of freely elected president Mohamed Morsi.

In southern Cairo, a protest was held in Maadi district, calling for the departure of Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi and the restoration of democracy.

In Al-Waraq neighbourhood in Giza governorate, residents held an anti-coup demonstration in which they condemned the brutal practices of the security apparatus against coup opponents.

In Sharqeya, protests were held in several neighbourhoods, calling for “the prosecution of coup leaders” and “retribution for all the victims” of Rabaa and other massacres.

In Port Said, protesters called for the release of all political prisoners, and condemned the “unfair trials” of coup opponents.

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