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Bandar and Bahjat Suleiman: Causes of confrontation between Riyadh and Damascus

Anti-Syrian groups in Lebanon have expressed their concerns about the potential nomination of Bahjat Suleiman as the new Syrian ambassador to Beirut after he was dismissed as Syrian ambassador to Amman, Al-Arab Al-Yawm said today.

It is normal practice for the Syrian president to honour any outgoing ambassador; however Suleiman was not honour when he left his previous post.

Suleiman is known for his candid criticism of Saudi Arabia, a strong ally of the anti-Syrian Lebanese groups.

There is an expected shakeup in the diplomatic map of Syria as the historical Foreign Minister Walid Al-Muallem is expected to leave his position. Al-Muallem is expected to oversee the reconstruction of Syria.

Saudi's allies in Lebanon are worried that Suleiman could be nominated as an ambassador because he is staying in Lebanon and insists on keeping in touch with mass media and seeks to replace the country's Syrian ambassador.

Al-Istiqlal Current, a Saudi ally, informed their allies in Lebanon that the Kingdom would be angry over the nomination of Suleiman as an ambassador in Beirut.

Meanwhile, Syrian allies in Beirut saw the nomination of Prince Bandar Bin Sultan as security adviser and secretary-general of the National Security Council as a "very negative" measure that might push Damascus to assign Suleiman as ambassador in Lebanon, where Saudi has massive sovereignty.


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