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Erekat: International community must stop Israeli aggression ‘before it is too late’

The international community must act quickly and immediately to stop “the current round of Israeli collective punishment and terror attacks against the people of Palestine”, Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement today.

“We call upon the international community not to turn a blind eye to Israel’s exploitation of the incident involving the killing of three Israelis, and to immediately act in order to prevent the consequences that this new Israeli wave of aggression will bring for regional peace and security,” Erekat said.

He warned the international community to act quickly “before it is too late”.

“Israel’s military bombardment of Gaza, the killings, injuries and the statements by Israeli ministers advocating for revenge through aggression and further illegal settlement building are fuelling a very dangerous situation,” Erekat warned.

The senior official went on to describe how Israeli forces and “armed settlers have terrorised thousands of Palestinians”, including Mohammad Abu Khdeir, calling for a UN investigation into his murder saying: “Criminals should be prosecuted”.

He blamed the escalation of violence and the revenge attacks by settlers on “years of impunity granted by the State of Israel to its soldiers and settlers in their daily crimes against the Palestinian people”.

In addition to these calls, Erekat condemned the attack against Palestine TV’s news crew and international media outlets working in Palestine, in addition to the raids on their offices.


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