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Al-Zahar: The war will not stop except on our terms

"The war this time was imposed by the enemy and we will stop it only in the light of our own conditions," senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar said earlier today.

Speaking to Al Aqsa satellite TV channel Al-Zahar said: " To those concerned we say: Palestinians, wherever they are, stand by the resistance.

"We are prepared for months of war with Israel."

Al-Zahar explained that the Palestinian street is the incubator for Hamas and all the national and Islamic movements.

He stressed that this battle will not stop until there is a radical solution to all the issues – each requirement announced by the movement – and what was agreed upon.

Regarding the impact of the situation in Egypt on the battle in Gaza, Al-Zahar said: "When we expelled the occupation from Gaza in 2005, there was no Morsi, or someone other than Morsi. We have no one with us, the political geography then was the same as the political geography today, and we fought the 2008 war like that."

Al-Zahar said: "Those who want to get closer to God must help us."

He stressed that Hamas has the will to liberate all of Palestine, adding that "our will is clear and large, the size of Palestine and the Islamic project must match its ability. This rises and evolve and, God willing, it will meet our will."

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