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Al-Qarni: Supporting Palestinian resistance is a 'religious duty'

July 21, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Saudi preacher Sheikh Aidh Al-Qarni emphasised the importance of supporting the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the resistance, stressing that it is a religious duty.

Speaking to Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah Net, Al-Qarni said whoever constricts the resistance is a “sinner” from a religious point of view. He called upon Egypt and all the Arabs to immediately open the Rafah Crossing as a “religious and humanitarian duty”.

He stressed that the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip will be victorious and it would change the equation of the whole region. “Any of the Arabs who conspire against the Strip will go down in history as being a disgrace,” he said.

Al-Qarni said that all the nations in the region stand with the Palestinian issue.

Israeli occupation forces have been carrying out a massive military campaign against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip killing 508 people, including 112 children, 41 women and 25 elderly. Some 3,150 people have been wounded, including 904 children, 533 women and 25 elderly.