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Netanyahu's misplaced quest for legitimacy

During a press conference in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ensured the continuation of twisted rhetoric by evoking the deaths of Israeli soldiers as an ultimate expression of misplaced patriotism. Speaking at the Kirya Military Headquarters, the massacres committed during the operation it has called "Protective Edge" were described as the settler-colonial state's efforts in fighting "the battle against terror, which is part of the historic campaign to harm us since the foundation of the state".

Netanyahu also expounded upon Hamas' refusal to accept the Egyptian ceasefire proposal. According to the Times of Israel, opposition to the ceasefire served to bolster Israel's alleged "widespread international legitimacy", providing the brutal army with "the opportunity to deal with the 'strategic effort' of tunnel attacks".

Netanyahu's comments were echoed by Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon and an unnamed senior Israeli official. Ya'alon hinted at a long operation following the destruction of tunnels in Gaza, while the Israeli official maintained the regurgitated argument involving the usual concoction of tunnels, terrorism and allegedly humanitarian concern for civilians in the form of ineffective warnings prior to a new bout of murder. "Our operation is against terrorist targets. In Shujaya there's production, storage and launching of rockets at Israel. You also have the terror tunnels used by Hamas terrorist operatives to infiltrate Israel in order to maim and murder."

While the world is left in no doubt as to the entity perpetrating maiming and murder, international complicity, hypocritically and intentionally misconstrued by Netanyahu as "legitimacy", remains Israel's best ally. The United Nations and its affiliated organisations indulge in citations of statistical data, while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon usurps the temporary limelight by uttering statements concealing the brutal vengeance unleashed by the monstrosity the UN created through its endorsement of settler-colonialism in Palestine. Both tactics – the quoting of statistics and patronising statements attempting to portray an equal conflict, aid Netanyahu's strategy of creating an imaginary "terror" entity in order to assign blame. World leaders have defended Netanyahu's narrative, presumably the murdered Palestinian civilians in Gaza stand as testimony to the gruesome Zionist narrative of defending the fabricated "homeland".

In addition, "Protective Edge" is being perceived by Israel and its allies as an opportunity to further endless "peace" negotiations, indicating PA President Mahmoud Abbas' detachment from Palestinians' reality and the absolute adherence to Zionist narrative. Abbas has repeatedly distanced himself from Palestinian resistance, invoking diplomacy as a preferred option to recognising Palestinians' right to armed struggle and liberation of the entire territory. Recently, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro hinted at US attempts to enforce PA influence in Gaza as an allegedly strategic step in the aftermath of the current Israeli-inflicted bloodbath.

Contrary to Netanyahu's assertions, there is no historic campaign to "harm" the Zionist state. Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions fighting colonial violence seek the liberation of historic Palestine – an absolute eradication of the settler-colonial state. "Protective Edge" is a massacre reflecting Zionist oppression to expand its illegal presence in Palestine. Hence, obliterating the myth of Israel and its manifestation remains a legitimate struggle that should be internationally endorsed.

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