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Ban Ki-moon angered by disappearance of Israeli soldier but was unaffected by the murder of 2,000 Palestinians

Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the United Nations, is supposed to be the protector of international justice, he who spreads peace and security amongst the people, and the person who ends the bloodshed between countries, but the war in Gaza revealed something else. It revealed “dusty faces” covered with masks; faces that are made-up of humanitarian statements and visits, but then came the Gaza war, or the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and it revealed faces, that had always been portrayed by the Arab public opinion as “balanced” in dealing with the Arab issues, as being “complicit” with the aggressor. Such faces justify the Israeli aggression, and even hold the victims responsible for their death, just as the Iraqi poet Ahmad Mattar said, “He stabs me and claims my blood contaminated his sword”.

Yesterday, the Qatari Emir was surprised by the statement made by the UN secretary-general in which he held the Palestinian resistance responsible for the violation of the ceasefire. He also said that the UN has no independent means of verifying exactly what happened before. The Emir explained that the UN is responsible for verifying exactly what happened before issuing its statement and he expressed his regret and surprise at the silence of the international organisation over Israel’s targeting and killing of Palestinian civilians, as well as destroying their homes. The Emir called on the UN secretary-general to take a clear stand on the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and urged all concerned parties to open the crossings to allow for the entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

This position taken by the Emir was preceded by several calls with Ban Ki-moon, urging him to take a stand to rein in the Israeli military machine and to stop the continued aggression on the innocent, but we have yet to see a true stand taken by the UN regarding the blatant violations of the rights of the Palestinians.

It was not only Ban who was not as he appeared and showed an inhumane side while dealing with the Israeli aggression on Gaza, there were others, including leaders, sheikhs, intellectuals, media personalities, thinkers, and others who call themselves preachers; they are indeed preachers, but preachers at the gates of hell.

Ban took “raging” action yesterday, condemning “in the strongest terms”, Hamas and holding it responsible for the disappearance of an Israeli soldier who is an aggressor and who took part in killing innocent people in Gaza. However, we did not hear such phrases used by Ban while referring to the fallen martyrs in Gaza, who have almost reached the 2,000 mark, in addition to the nearly 10,000 wounded Palestinians, 70 per cent of them are children, women, or elderly. Doesn’t Ban consider these individuals to have human value, or is it only that Jewish soldier, who came to kill innocent people, who has value?

We do not hear Ban shouting when the UNRWA schools in Gaza are bombed; the schools run by the UN where children, women, and the elderly take shelter. Israel bombed these schools in broad daylight, even though they have the coordinates of these schools and know they are supervised by the UN, and therefore are not Hamas headquarters, the excuse used by Israel to justify all of its aggression. Why didn’t Ban make a move for the sake of his schools that were violated, if not for the sake of the children who were killed in these schools?

It is surprising that Ki-moon overlooked all the possibilities in the case of the Israeli soldier and accused Hamas, but later discovered that this soldier was killed and was not captured by Hamas or any other resistance group. Even though the UN does not possess any independent means to verify exactly what happened, it still condemned the disappearance of the soldier, a farcical act committed by the UN.

Ban’s unbalanced behaviour indicates the extent of Israel’s control over the international decision-making circles, specifically the United Nations, both directly and indirectly through the influence of other countries, specifically the United States, as President Obama “raged” on the issue of the killed soldier. He also held a press conference for this soldier, who came to kill innocent people in Gaza, and called on Hamas to release him unconditionally, a position that is not surprising coming from America, which has always supported its ally. The US continued to support its ally even during the current aggression by allocating $225 million in emergency aid for the Israeli Iron Dome, as well as urgent shipments of military equipment. This makes America a key partner in the killing of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the hands of US officials are stained with blood and the same goes for the Zionists. The US is giving the Zionists logistical cover and support and is justifying the killing of “Arab Zionist” children, women and civilians.

Ban is watching the Israeli killing machine take the lives of innocent people in Gaza and is not even lifting a finger to help. I ask him, what would your position be if the opposite were to happen, meaning what if the Palestinian resistance was taking the lives of Israelis in seized territories; what would your position be? Would you remain silent? What would your position be if cities such as Eumseong, your hometown in Korea, Seoul, Changwon, Jeonju, and Goyang were being bombed and its children and women were being killed? This is a matter we certainly would not accept for our friends in South Korea and we would support them; what would your position be?

What is being killed today in Gaza is not the Palestinian people, but humanity, Ban. The organisation you are the secretary-general of is on the line, and unfortunately the organisation had failed many tests in the past and we had hoped that it would improve its score in the Gaza test, but it failed miserably in improving its image in the public opinion. All the money being paid to the UN is a waste, and you personally are being paid to do nothing. If the money you are being paid was used to give aid to the deserving people in the world, it would be more honourable than paying it to you in exchange for a few statements by you, and at the moment, you are no longer able to even issue any statements.

Now, after the issue has been cleared up and we have discovered that the Zionist soldier was killed, Ban, Obama, Kerry, and the others should, out of politeness, apologise to Hamas and the resistance factions for being deceived by Israel. If you were honourable men, you would apologise to the Palestinian people; it is the least you can do Ban.

Translated from Al-Sharq newspaper, 4 August, 2014


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