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Israeli army strikes several mosques in Gaza

Israeli warplanes attacked on Friday night several civilian targets, including three mosques, killing five and wounding around 20 others, a Palestinian medical source has said.

According to witnesses the Israeli planes targeted Al-Qassam Mosque in Al-Nusairat refugee camp during the dawn prayer and killed three, while around ten were reported wounded.

Two other mosques were targeted; one is Hassan Al-Banna Mosque in central Gaza city, which was directly attacked and partially destroyed. The other is Abu-Middeen Mosque in the south of Gaza City. It was partially harmed by an attack on an adjacent farm.

Total Palestinian casualties, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, are five deaths and 25 injuries. The house of one of the Palestinians who was killed, Nidal Badran, was attacked and his seven children wounded. One sustained serious injuries.

According to Israeli media, the Israeli army attacked 70 Palestinian targets on Friday night.

The Israeli occupation resumed attacks on the Gaza Strip in the wake of a 72-hour truce, during which Palestinian and Israeli delegations in Cairo failed to reach a lasting ceasefire.

Sources said that the indirect talks failed because of the refusal of the Israeli occupation to fulfil Palestinian demands, including an immediate lift of the 8-year siege on Gaza.

The ongoing war on Gaza was launched by Israel on 8 July. Until now the Israeli occupation have killed around 1,900 Palestinians and wounded around 9,000 others.

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