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Maliki describes decision to nominate Al-Abadi prime minister as void

August 12, 2014 at 11:46 am

Iraq’s former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki rejected on Monday Iraqi President Fuad Masoum’s nomination of Haider Al-Abadi as the new prime minister tasked to form the next Iraqi government, saying the decision is void and insisting that he is the only legitimate candidate to form any new government, Anadolu news agency reported.

During a session attended by 28 deputies from the Dawa Party, a member of the State of Law coalition that he heads, Al-Maliki said, “Al-Abadi’s nomination is void because it contradicts with the constitution,” adding, “We appealed to the Supreme Federal Court to prove that the State of Law coalition [led by Al-Maliki] is the largest bloc in the parliament.”

According to the Iraqi constitution, the largest parliamentary bloc must guarantee the support of at least 165 out of 328 deputies to request the president to officially nominate its candidate to form a government.

Al-Maliki said: “The president has violated the constitution when he delayed the parliament’s session designated to elect a new PM scheduled on 7 August until 9 August. Furthermore, the president did not adhere to the largest parliamentary bloc’s nomination.”

According to the Iraqi constitution, within 15 days of being sworn in the president has to call the largest parliamentary bloc to nominate its candidate for prime minister, who in turn has a maximum period of 30 days to form his government.

Al-Maliki accused the United States of championing violations of the Iraqi constitution by supporting the president’s nomination of Al-Abadi as prime minister designate.

The United States and the United Nations both welcomed Al-Abadi’s nomination, urging him to form a broad based and comprehensive government as soon as possible.