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A year has passed since the Rabaa massacre

It has been a year since the Rabaa massacre; a massacre which is unprecedented in modern human history in terms of its ugliness and criminality. The brutal authority forcibly seized the rule and killed thousands of its citizens, the people of this good nation, within a few hours, burning the bodies and bulldozing them away. They then celebrated this heinous achievement and their shameful and disgraceful media praised this achievement. This is a pre-meditated crime, as stated in the report by Human Rights Watch; a report which specifically accused Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, leader of the coup, and his twin criminal, Mohammed Ibrahim, the minister of interior, as well as commander of the Armed Forces, of committing this terrible crime; people who have lost their humanity.

A year has passed and the wound is still deep in our chests, as we have not had our revenge on these murderous criminals. A year has passed and the people are still taking to the streets for anti-coup demonstrations, calling for the fall of the military rule, unconcerned by the live ammunition being shot at them and the fall of martyrs from amongst their ranks, joining the procession of the martyrs who fell in the Rabaa Al-Adawiya, Al-Nahda, and Republican Guard massacres and the martyrs in Egypt’s mosques, including Al-Iman, Al-Salam, Mustafa Mahmoud, and Al-Fatih mosques. They have desecrated God’s mosques just as they violated the pure blood of the Egyptian people. They burned the mosques and killed the worshippers and did not respect the sanctity and holiness of the sites, but what else would we expect from a brutal authority?

Despite all of this, the people continue to rise, unafraid, and this is what worries the criminals. They want to break the will of the people and humiliate them, taking them back to the prison of fear and oppression after they escaped and broke away on January 25, 2011. However, they have either forgotten or overlooked the fact that the genie that has been let out of its lamp can never be put back in, and the Rabaa Al-Adawiya massacre is proof of this.

The Rabaa massacre isn’t merely a massacre that will go down as the ugliest massacre in modern history; it is much more than that. It is an expression of the free will of a free people seeking freedom and human dignity. Rabaa is a symbol, value, and significance; Rabaa said no to injustice, no to corruption, no to tyranny, and no to the network of interests benefitting the rotten state, represented by the Deep State. The battle will continue until victory is achieved, God willing. Rabaa has unveiled the counter-revolution, and Rabaa is an expression of the will of the people.


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