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Haaretz: 'No doubt that Egypt stands with Israel'

The Egyptian ceasefire proposal between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation revealed that Cairo is siding with Tel-Aviv, Haaretz said.

In an article titled “For Hamas, Egypt’s truce proposal is a bitter pill”, the newspaper said that the proposal left no doubt that Egypt is siding with Israel in its confrontation with Hamas.

The proposal, the newspaper said, rearranges the Israeli relations with Gaza. It is meant to weaken Hamas, expecting the Egyptians to put more pressure today on Hamas to accept the proposal before the end of the temporary truce.

Hamas leader Izzat Al-Risheq affirmed today that the Palestinian delegation in Cairo is insisting on lifting the siege and ending the aggression on the Palestinians. He refused the idea of disarming the movement.

Al-Rishiq’s remarks came before the resumption of the indirect talks between the Palestinian and Israeli sides yesterday, when Israel put security conditions ahead of the talks.

Hamas warned that it is ready for a war of attrition if a ceasefire deal without meeting the demands of the Palestinians was not reached. “We will support our military victory with a political one,” Al-Rishiq wrote on Facebook. “The resistance arm is not for bargaining.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that a deal in Cairo has to clearly meet Israeli security demands, noting that the delegation in Cairo was putting this in mind.


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