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Israeli Interior Minister: Hamas has made us a laughing stock

Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said the results of the recent military operation in the Gaza Strip and the losses inflicted on the Israeli army by the Palestinian resistance in this process have harmed Tel Aviv’s global image.

In a press statement published in Israeli media on Monday Sa’ar said that Hamas has made Israel a joke in front of the world, and those who thought that Israel won this round are mistaken.

“It’s really a farce, how come a superpower like Israel is unable to eliminate a terrorist organisation in a small area,” he added.

He noted that Israel’s image and power of deterrence are collapsing.

The Israeli army claims it accomplished its goal of eliminating the underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, but Hamas denied that, letting a number of international news channels take pictures from inside the tunnels and stressing that its military capabilities were not destroyed by the Israeli assault, which has killed more than 2,000 civilians, mostly children, women and the elderly.


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