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Saudi embassy in France denies armed attack against one of its cars

The Saudi Embassy in France has denied the media reports claiming that “one of its cars was attacked while on its way to the airport carrying large sums of money and sensitive documents”, Anadolu news agency reported.

In a statement carried on Saudi state media, the embassy confirmed that a car owned by a Saudi citizen was forced to stop on the way to the airport in Paris after being attacked by gunmen, who forced the citizen to get out before stealing the car and his luggage.

But the embassy denied the media reports that the vehicle was affiliated to the embassy and was carrying money and sensitive documents.

Furthermore, the statement explained that the embassy acted immediately after receiving a call from the concerned citizen who was attacked, and dealt with the matter according to laws and regulations, allowing him to leave France.

The statement also said the embassy is “still pursuing the matter with the relevant French authorities who are investigating the incident to uncover the perpetrators” and called on media outlets to pursue accuracy and obtain information from the correct sources.

Several media sources reported on Monday that gunmen attacked a Saudi prince in the French capital of Paris on Sunday evening, stealing the car along with 250,000 Euros (about $335,000) and “sensitive” documents inside his car. Reuters news agency reported that the car was later found abandoned and burned, according to the police.


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