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Pro-Morsi alliance criticises Egypt's electricity crisis

The National Alliance criticised the power outage crisis in Egypt calling for a week of protests to mark the anniversary of the August 30 demonstrations.

The Anadolu news agency reported a statement issued by the Alliance yesterday which said: “The Alliance wrote this statement as the Egyptian people continue to suffer from discriminating power outages, while the ruling corrupt minority enjoys electricity without interruption while only the poor and middle classes have to pay the price of the load reduction game.”

Since the beginning of the summer, Egypt has witnessed frequent interruptions of electrical currents, which the Egyptian government attributes to increased consumption.

Over the past few days Egypt’s Interior Ministry accused elements of the Muslim Brotherhood of sabotaging public facilities, including power plants. The group denied the allegations.

The alliance said: “Although the regime controlled the electricity companies in Egypt for the past 10 years, it tries in vain to blame its failures on the rebels. Then we see Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Energy Mohamed Shaker declaring that the disaster will continue for another three years.”

The statement called on the Egyptian people to join its new campaign “We demand retribution” until their rights are restored. The drive was launched on August 14 on the anniversary of the operation to disperse the Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Nadha sit-ins in Cairo last year which led to the killing of over a thousand protesters.

As the anniversary of the August 30 demonstrations approaches, the pro-Morsi alliance called on Egyptians to join activities to mark the day.

It said: “The revolution has become a national duty on all Egyptians of all sects and no one should abandon it.” The statement called on Egyptians to “prepare for marking the August, 30 anniversary with more creativity and patience.”

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