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Al-Sisi’s truce is a smokescreen to help Israel

We thank God that the futile negotiations held by the coup-led government in Egypt with the Palestinian and Israeli delegations are over, negotiations that expressed the government’s criminal position on the war in Gaza and its adoption of the Israeli aim to eliminate the Islamic Resistance Movement. The reason for Egypt’s mediation was to put up a smokescreen to save Israel from its predicament after the resistance achieved qualitative victories that stunned friends and foes alike. Egypt arranged the talks quickly in order to give Israel more time to rearrange itself and carry out intelligence work on the ground during the truce in order to achieve a hollow victory by assassinating Hamas military commanders.

The Israelis utilised the services of Palestinian traitors to kill the three senior military men in a cowardly operation that destroyed homes and buildings and claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians. Netanyahu praised this false victory in a press conference, appearing as a defeated leader who has achieved nothing in over a month of dirty war on the people of the Gaza Strip. His troops killed innocent civilians, including elders, women and children, and destroyed civilian infrastructure, not even sparing hospitals and UN schools. He was unable to justify any of this to his fearful and panicked citizens who fled to the bunkers every time the resistance rockets were fired. These rockets can now reach every part of occupied Palestine and the warning sirens sound in every part of our precious Palestinian territories, while the occupiers run scared; the Palestinians stand proudly and vow more attacks and surprises against their enemies while they bid their martyrs farewell.

To those who do not want to admit that Gaza has triumphed and those who want to eliminate and undermine the resistance and its steadfastness I say, isn’t this a triumph? It seems that the eyes of some have been blinded, as the victories in wars are not measured by the number of victims who have fallen or the number of buildings destroyed, but they are measured by the perseverance, steadfastness and determination to continue to fight until the very end; and by the refusal to surrender to the enemy and submit to its conditions, waving the white flag. This has not and, God willing, never will happen. Victory is also measured by the extent to which protagonists achieve the goals for which the war was waged. Israel announced at the beginning of the war that its goal was to eliminate Hamas; has it achieved this?

The Palestinian resistance, led by Hamas, has stunned everyone and gained more support and sympathy from the West and the free peoples of the world who witnessed the barbaric Zionist attack on children, women and the elderly with their own eyes, while the resistance fired its missiles into military areas and at soldiers. The resistance remained committed to Islam’s ethics, morals and teachings with regards to war, which were preached by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). They did not even destroy any trees, while the Zionists burn olive trees and plants and bulldoze agricultural lands; this is the difference between a violent oppressor and the true owners of the land who defend it with sincerity.

Well done to the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, for putting an end to these futile negotiations that had no other aim than to strengthen the Zionist enemy. It was wonderful when Hamas spokesperson Abu Obaida said that the Egyptian initiative was stillborn! Yes, it is dead, and Hamas should have never gone along with it, but we know the pressure they were placed under in order to accept Egypt as a mediator, even though you knew that the coup-led regime would not be a fair and honest mediator, but would support the Zionist enemy. Unfortunately, Hamas remained alone in the so-called negotiations, but they should never go back to such talks, no matter how much pressure they are under. May God be with them as long as their hands are on the trigger, for their hearts are connected to God and the free peoples of the world are behind them.


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