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Tunisia's Ennahda calls for prosecuting Israeli 'war criminals' before international courts

August 29, 2014 at 1:27 pm

The Tunisian Ennahda movement called on Thursday for the prosecution of “Zionist war criminals” before international courts over the latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

In a statement quoted by Anadolu news agency, Ennahda movement said that it considers the “victory” of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza as “a victory of moderate Islam versus terrorism and ruthless violence erroneously associated with Islam”.

It added that the victory of the Palestinian resistance is “a victory of human will against aggression and force, which offers a glimpse of hope to Arab peoples who are treading on the path of freedom, dignity and democracy.”

Ennahda movement, which holds the majority of seats in the Tunisian parliament, also pointed out that the ceasefire agreement came within the context of Israel’s failure to achieve its goals in crushing the resistance and crippling its military power, and that the occupation forces have shown their inability to impose any conditions on the resistance, adding that the agreement has taken into account the conditions put forth by resistance.

The Palestinian and Israeli sides signed an Egyptian-sponsored long-term ceasefire agreement on Tuesday. Palestinian resistance factions consider the agreement a “victory” and stressed that they have achieved most of their goals during the battle with Israel.

The agreement, according to the Egyptian foreign ministry, calls for a comprehensive and mutual ceasefire as well as the immediate opening of border crossings between Gaza and Israel to allow for the entrance of humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials.

The agreement also stipulates the extension of Gaza’s Mediterranean fishing zone and the continuation of the negotiations over all other issues, such as prisoners, the airport and the seaport, to take place within a month of the ceasefire.

The truce comes after a 51-day offensive on Gaza that resulted in Israel killing about 2,150 Palestinians and injuring at least 11,000 others, mostly civilians.

On the other hand, Israel says it lost 65 soldiers and four civilians, as well as a foreign worker. Israeli NGOs say that 2,522 Israelis, including 750 soldiers, received medical treatment during the war, Anadolu reported.