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Israeli drone downed in Iraq

Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen has said that an Israeli drone, similar to the one downed several days ago by Iran, has been downed in Baghdad.

Al-Mayadeen reported that sources said the reason behind the fall of the drone “are still unknown,” noting that the Iraqi army abstained from commenting on the incident.

According to the sources, the Iraqi army wanted to investigate the incident, but the American embassy in Baghdad interfered. A technical team arrived at the scene, collected the drone remains, and took them to the embassy.

Meanwhile, Iraqi forces killed 29 IS members in an operation to liberate Shamali villages. Sources from the Iraqi police said that 18 people, including IS members, were killed in different areas in the Saladin Governorate.

The mother of the American journalist kidnapped in Iraq, Steven Sotloff, broadcast a video appealing to the kidnappers of her son to release him.

Sotloff appeared in a video with IS members last week when they murdered his colleague James Foley. The IS members called for the US President Barak Obama to stop his operation, or they would murder Sotloff.

The German army said that a non-combatant unit started a mission in Erbil two days ago. The German government said that it will offer weapons to Kurdish forces so they can fight IS in the region.

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