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Algerian opposition forms 'democratic transition committee'

The Algerian opposition launched on Wednesday a joint entity for democratic transition called “the Consultation and Monitoring Agency”, which includes among its members three former prime ministers, party leaders and independents.

The agency is the first of its kind in the country’s history, since it combines Islamists, Secularists, and centrist parties, as well as former government officials.

A member of the agency and president of the New Algeria Party, Gamal Abdel-Salam, told Anadolu Agency that the first step was the formation of the agency and the next will be after ten days to put forward an action plan for the coming phase.

According to the founding statement, the agency consists of 23 members, including leaders of political parties, independents, academics, Islamists and rights activists. Three former prime ministers have also joined the agency, namely Ali Ben Fleis, Ahmed Bin Beitour and Meqdad Seify.

The agency also includes Karim Younes (a former Parliament Speaker), Abdelaziz Rihabi (former Minister of Information), Abdelrazeq Maqry (leader of the Movement of Society for Peace).

The stated goal of the agency is to agree on joint undertakings for change, ensuring freedoms and democratic transition, and reaching out to the Algerian people to involve them in this process.

The Algerian opposition has refused Bouteflika’s election as president, and currently calls for a peaceful change of the regime.


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