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Gaza electricity company loses $40m following Israeli war

Eighty per cent of the electricity grids damaged in Israel's war on Gaza have now been repaired, the Deputy Head of Palestinian Energy Fathi Al-Sheikh Khalil said yesterday.

Khalil said that the Israeli occupation destroyed the electricity company's storage units and offices all over the Strip, in addition to the sole electricity plant. "This caused severe damage in electricity supplies, which have already been suffering because of the siege," he said.

He said that the occupation destroyed the large fuel tanks and "this paralysed the work of the plant." Adding that the electricity company is planning to prepare small tanks, but the problem is the shortage of fuel.

"The six hour schedule [for the power supply] will continue," he said, "and this is subject to interruption if the Israeli occupation causes intentional cuts in the electricity supplies coming from Israel."

Gaza's electricity company used to supply between 12 to 16 hours of electricity every day. This was severely affected by the Israeli attacks on the facilities in the Strip during the war. Some areas did not have electricity for weeks.

Now, after the repair of 80 per cent of the grid and facilities damaged during the war, there is a regular schedule for six hours of electricity along the Strip.

Regarding the Turkish offer of a floating electricity plant to supply electricity for Gaza for three months, he said that the idea still needs missions from Israel and Egypt.

Khalil said that the Palestinians do not mind whether the Turkish ship anchors in the Israeli seaport of Ashdod or the Egyptian port of Al-Arish.


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