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Morsi's daughter: We will continue on the revolution's path, brutality of the coup will not terrorise us

Shaimaa Mohamed Morsi, daughter of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Dr Mohamed Morsi, said that the oppression of the coup would not terrorise the revolution, and that they will remain steadfast until completing their uprising.

“The kidnapping of my father and the arrest of my brother Abdullah will not break our will and we will remain steadfast. The military coup has exposed the traitors and the agents, and explained the difference between the rational democratic governance, which was pursued by President Morsi, and the rule of those tyrants and criminals who are wreaking havoc in the land right now,” she said.

In a statement she made during her participation in an entertaining event for honouring the children of martyrs and detainees in one of the gardens of Giza, which the movement of Women Against the Coup participated in, she said that these meetings “pushed us further towards completing the path of the revolution until defeating the coup, gaining our rights and retrieving the legitimacy”.

Shaimaa said: “Egypt witnessed unprecedented freedoms in all fields during the year when my father, President Morsi, was running the country. My father did not take revenge for himself and did not take revenge on those who had attacked him for a whole year, in the hope that God would reward him, believing that this was a tax the he had to pay in return for the establishment of the principles of freedom and his response was always ‘Allah defends those who believe’ Verse (22:38).”

She explained: “On the contrary, when the coup authorities took over they shut people’s mouths from day one, closed the satellite channels and newspapers and abused their opponents, making the difference clear between a legitimate president and a coup gang that had destroyed everything in the county, expropriated the sanctities and stolen the properties.”

She went on to say: “We met my father once after the coup and he stressed his steadfastness and persistence and that he is offering his life and our lives as a price for freedom and legitimacy. He believes that his blood is not more precious than the blood of the martyrs who were killed for the sake of freedom.”

Shaimaa paid tribute to the free Egyptian people who were examples of great models, especially “the women who always remind us of the sacrifices of the previous female companions, which we used to read about in books, but are living and seeing with our very eyes today”.


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