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Algeria offers to host talks between rival Libyan parties

Algeria yesterday officially offered to host talks between the Libyan rival parties to help resolve the crisis in the North African country, the Anadolu news agency said.

Algeria’s Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra said, during a press conference with his Portuguese counterpart Rui Machete in Algiers, that “Algeria welcomes any solution to the crisis proposed by the Libyans, and if the Libyans believe that Algeria, as a sister and neighbouring country, could host the talks, then Algeria will not mind.”

Lamamra pointed out that “Algeria’s position is clear and calls for a national dialogue and national reconciliation in Libya, as well as to give the elected institutions the chance to gain more legitimacy through reunification.”

According to the Algerian official “the Libyan crisis is a complex one and Algeria considers it an internal matter and will not interfere in it; however Algeria, out of its rich history with Libya, will not stand idle at a time when the crisis in Libya deepens.”

Lamamra added: “Algeria will not suffice with listening to the various Libyan parties and advising them to listen to the Libyan people’s will, but will work to rebuild unity, taking advantage of democratic transformation through national dialogue.”

He said that “the first responsibility to solve the Libyan problem lies within the Libyans themselves. They have to accept each other and accept each other’s opinions and renounce violence and terrorism in all its forms.” He called on “Libya’s neighbouring countries to play a more active role in solving the crisis.”

The Libyan parties did not comment on the Algerian offer.

Libya has been experiencing political divide since the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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