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Israel would protect Jordan in the face of ISIS

Israel has confirmed that it would not "hesitate" to interfere militarily in Jordan should Islamic State (ISIS) militants reach the Kingdom.

Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post reported an Israeli political source as saying on Sunday: "In case ISIS reach Jordan, we will not hesitate to militarily face it."

The source said: "To make things clear, our military movement against ISIS will be serious and decisive."

According to the newspaper, there is a senior Israeli security delegation currently in contact with senior American security officials discussing scenarios to face the Jihadist organisations.

Earlier, the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel would help Jordan in any confrontation with ISIS.

Lieberman stressed that any danger to the Jordanian "ally" would be taken seriously by Israel, which considers Jordan a strategic partner in protecting Israel's security as it has been successful in securing the 500 kilometre border with Israel.

Former Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin said Israelis had to thank God, who made Jordan their neighbour on the eastern side, stressing the role that Jordan played to protect the Zionist interests.

In an article published in Israel Hayom on April 23, Beilin said that Jordan has been successful in reining in anti-Israeli activities in the eastern front, noting that Jordan gives Israel warnings regarding potential attacks.

Israel's security official told an Israeli radio station on Sunday that, contrary to what America believes, Al-Nusra Front poses a greater danger to Israel than ISIS.

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