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Khamenei: We rejected a US request to cooperate against ISIS

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that he "rejected an offer from the United States to cooperate against the organisation of the Islamic State (ISIS)".

In remarks made after he was discharged from hospital following prostate surgery, Khamenei said he rejected an offer that was made ​​by the American embassy in Iraq to the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, to hold a joint meeting to discuss ways to combat ISIS, saying he refuses to cooperate with the United States because its hands are stained and its intention is not pure.

Khamenei also said that US Secretary of State John Kerry also made an offer to the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif for mutual cooperation to combat ISIS, but Zarif rejected the offer.

When asked about statements made by Kerry and a spokeswoman for the State Department who said that the US would not invite Iran to participate in the coalition against ISIS, Khamenei said that despite Iran's announcement from the beginning that it would not participate in an alliance that the United States would be part of, American officials are still "repeating the lies "about their intention not to invite Iran to participate in the coalition.

Khamenei explained: "We are proud that the United States had lost hope in our participation in this wrong and illegal action." Khamenei described the strategy of the United States against the Islamic State and the alliance that the US is working to establish "absurd and hollow".


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